Choosing Battery Charger (Help)

I have a 25C 4200mah and 14.8V battery how to choose a charger for it?

should I use the ‘HOBBYTIGER BC-4S15D?’

Knowing nothing else, I usually recommend the IMAX B6 AC. It will charge almost anything, runs at home and at the field (AC and DC power), is relatively inexpensive, and widely available. The only drawbacks are that it’s a little slow on large batteries and has only one charge output.

The HOBBYTIGER BC-4S15D is not a good choice for a battery that large. It will take 3-4 hours to charge.

There are definitely other options if you want to charge more batteries or charge them faster. Those recommendations depend on where you’re located, as different countries have different products available.

I heard the skyrc d100 is quite a nice charger. Have a look at that!

What I think is important is that your cells will be balanced when they are charged. Another function that might be useful and is less common (it seems) is per cell resistance measurement.

This one is very simple to use, economical and does measure internal resistance of each cell as well:
Isdt charger


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