chibiOS what flight controller are you using?

I have now tested the following flight controllers running chibiOS and would like to compare notes:

  1. the Cube with Specktorworks custom board: Hud is slow and flight is unresponsive.

  2. mRo v 2.1 radio will not connect " need to have redundant wires removed" after connecting flight is hit or miss and can vibrate in x violently.

  3. mRo Pixhawk classic flys well but I not tested aux channels for peripherals . tested smart RTL but not getting good results suspect its something on my end possibly I need to fly only in GPS mode and not stabilize ?

At first i used “load custom firmware” but noticed that MP will ask you for Nuttx or chibiOS I assume that MP calling the same chibiOS build ?

Nuttx 3.6-rc1 works for all above.

feel free to add your notes on yours. cheers!

I have two cubes flying with chibiOS, one a 450 quad and a 1 meter hex. Both fly at least as well as nuttx if not better. I had a little go around with the quad and had to reload 3.6 chibiOS and parameters twice to get it to throttle up. The only issue I have is that the TX1/apsync on the hex will no longer connect with MP. Edison apsync works just fine. Aux channels work well (landing gear and EPM gripper)

Cheers, RB

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new build time :slight_smile:

Thank you Randy…

For the Cube Chi RC-2 seems good slightly micro choppy but ok.

mRo v2,1 Chi RC-2 is choppy as hell including GPS mode.

mRo Pixhawk classic Chi RC-2 is giving me this and will not arm was ok in RC-1.

ArduCopter V3.6.0-rc2 (2a4b7805)
u-blox 1 HW: 00080000 SW: EXT CORE 3.01 (107900)
PreArm: RC16 minimum is greater than trim
PreArm: RC15 minimum is greater than trim
PreArm: RC14 minimum is greater than trim
PreArm: RC13 minimum is greater than trim
PreArm: RC12 minimum is greater than trim
PreArm: RC11 minimum is greater than trim
PreArm: RC10 minimum is greater than trim
PreArm: RC9 minimum is greater than trim
PreArm: Hardware safety switch

Brandon, I wish I could be more help but perhaps if you uploaded a log file one of the developers could look at it. My Quad and hex are very similar builds and the hex loaded up and flew just perfect, the quad however gave me fits, it was a bit finicky already but had it tuned pretty well with 3.6 dev and a couple of auto tunes. I got it flying with chibiOS by loading plane/nuttx to wipe out all parameters and then re-flashed rc2 chibiOS and then loading saved parameters from last auto tune. I had the same issue initially with “ rc greater than trim” as well as the motors refusing to spool up. After the multiple flashes and parameter loads it works at least as well as nuttx/3.6. This at least hints at the possibility that it’s not a board situation and more of an OS thing.

Stick with it, you’ll get them all flying
Cheers, RB

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Had the same issue with a Pixfalcon I am setting up.
Had to go into the parameters and set RC_TRIM to 1500 manually for each channel I did not RC calibrate.

The Pixfalcon has an external I2C port that seems to not work with the new FW.
Anyone seen this in the new FW?

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FWIW had the same issue on a PH1 rover