Chibios TBS Crossfire

Had a good flight today with Chibios master build on a custom flight controller, Standard PID settings are way too high for a small quad. Had to drive them down beyond the lower limit. I’m using TBS crossfire micro RX set to Mavlink Rx and TX connected to Serial.
Found an issue when doing the radio calibration where if the Speed of the TBS Micro RX is not set to 50hz the bars jump about in MP when moving them, tested on another mico rx and its the same. Dont know why this is and it doesn’t make much sense to me.

I’m using 2.25Beta firmware in TBS Crossfire

Note : Issue has been solved, Problem is with the inverter XOR on usart not the crossfire micro


Hi I have the same issue. Can you please elaborate on how you fixed it.


Newer fw in the crossfire fixed the problem…
Which fw are you using.

I am using the latest one, but the PID still really high.

This is the way I connect the TBS nano RX to the Flight controllers.

Ch 1 - sbus
Ch 3 - mavl RX
Ch 4 - mavl TX

Is the above is how you will connect it or would you recommend any other way?


I just use mavlink, it limits it to 8 channels but that’s no issue to me. Also to drive pids lower your enter them in “full parameter list”