Chibios Copter 3.6.0 Displaying off amp usage while hovering

Hello, after updating to copter 3.6.0 with the Chibios version ive noticed that that the mah readings are off when displayed on the mission planner virtual horizon. I recall in previous versions I would hover around 8 amps and now its saying 4? Ive included the log so that it may help. This is from a quadcopter Using a pixhawk 2 with its supplied power module, and i’ve seen this appear on another drone as well running ChibiOs. I have not checked if it is the same on Nuttx
1 12-31-1999 5-47-58 PM.bin (601.8 KB)

Here is a picture of what im seeing, this mission started with a full 4s lipo battery and it got down to 14.8 when I took this screenshot and mah used as well as current is off because it shows 628 for mah used and was showing I was only pulling about 4 amps average.