ChibiOS and Pixracer

I have serious problem with pixracer (mrobotics) and arducopter 3.6-rc1 ChibiOS.
I upgrade pixracer and all looks good till I unpluged pixhracer.
After plug it again pixracer wount connect.

I try beta RC1 , dev version , windows 7 max os x and result is the same.
(Com port change from 49 to 58)
After flash to 3.6-RC1 NuttX version all is OK (com port back from 58 to 49)

I think the USB port will change Mine is now Com10 was 4. Does the radio connect?

I dont connect radio
I windows control panel->system->devices manager ->ports (COM and LPT) I have only com 58 after flash with ChibiOS


I just flashed the ChibiOS firmware onto my pixracer board and it worked ok. When you downloaded the firmware from this page you clicked on the, “Copter-3.6-beta for Pixracers boards” link on this page of course?

One small thing I noticed after uploading was that when I went to connect with the Mission Planner I had to select a different COM port (mine changed from COM3 to COM22) and the Baud rate was also incorrectly defaulting to 57600 so I had to manually change it to “115200”.

EDIT: ah, the baud rate doesn’t matter when we use USB so it’s not the baud rate selection that is the issue.

My com ports change from 49 to 58.
One more.
If I use 3.6 beta NuttX version in port com I have PX4 FMU (com 49) When I flash with ChibiOS I get STMicroelecronics Virtual COM Port (COM 58).
I use MP 1.3.56 build 1.3.6672.30243

Do you think ChibiOS is going to work on a PixFalcon? It seems to be equivalent to a standard pixhawk but minus a few connectors. I’m not ready to try it yet but very interested for when it comes out of beta.

If I try to connect thrue MP or QGC by selecting com 58 both freez and I have to kill applications …

Is it possible to full reset pixracer?


Yes, the ChibiOS firmwares should work on a PixFalcon because, as you say, they’re pretty much the same as a regular Pixhawk1.


You could load the Rover firmware onto it (either Nuttx or ChibiOS) and then load Copter on it. That will wipe out all parameters.

I wonder if a full SD card could cause this as well…

It’s possible that an error message is being written on the console but if you can’t connect with USB that message is difficult to see. You’d likely need something like Putty installed on your machine to be able to see it.

In any case, I’ve added this to the issues list for Copter-3.6 so let’s see what @tridge and some of the other ChibiOS experts say. For now, perhaps stick with the NuttX build.

I flash pixracer with ardurover ChibiOS and then arducopter ChibiOS and its work :smile:
Many Thx Mackay9