Cheaper flight controller for ardusub

Hi everyone,

For a school project, my team and I are tasked to build a submarine for under 500$.
Looking at the flight controller recommendations for ardusub, the recommended pixhawk 1 simply eats up way too much of our budget. Sadly, this is the only recommended option mentioned in the documentation.

Does anyone have any experience in using a different flight controller, which is also suitable for ardusub applications?

There are many Flight-Controllers out there at various prices.
All depends how many sensors, function and features you require.
There is also the difference of going with a plug in type or one that requires soldering of various cables.

Here is a list of some:

Some on here have good experience with mateksys flight-controllers which offer value for money.

Any supported flight controller will work. As Karl suggests the Matek boards are good. Look at the H743-Wlite for a value option.

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