Channel 7 & 8 option for RTL updates?

I know this has been requested before, is there a status on when Arduplane will get this function like ArduCopter has? In the meantime is there a workaround? I want to put RTL on a separate switch. My radio is a Futaba 14SG with a Futaba R7008SB RX. Thanks.

Others may know what you’re talking about… if so, ignore my post.

I personally am not familiar with the behavior you’re describing. But perhaps I can help you configure to achieve what you’d like?

At present, RTL can be set as one of the modes on your mode-select channel. I fly a Futaba TX similar to yours… one option is using a 3-position switch for 3 modes. (one of which is RTL)

Another option is to use one of your multi-position knobs (VRA, VRB, VRC, if I recall correctly) as your mode-selector, which gives you the maximum (7, I think?) possible modes. Be careful doing this, as accidentally switching to an unexpected mode can be dangerous.

A third, more difficult, option is to combine more than one of your inputs (switches/VR knobs) into a single output. Google for some help configuring this on a Futaba. You might use this to effectively make one switch a 2 (or maybe 3?) mode-selector, while another overrides and forces the RTL mode.

I can describe more details if you like?

Thanks. I actually used Aux channel (10) and mapped it to a switch that I assigned as throttle cut. When I hit that switch it cuts the throttle to below FS and triggers RTL. Not ideal but will work in a emergency.

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I’ve been wishing plane had ch 7-8 option like copter myself!! It makes it so much easier to add a 4th mode like RTL without a lot of much more of the painstakingly routine with the TX itself. I often have manual, mission, and alt hold on on copter then a 4th option on ch 7-8 option which is so easy to set up in MP.

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