Channel 6 Options

Hi all, I am trying to set up channel 6 to perform some of the functions available to channel’s 7 and 8. I have three functions that I would like to be able to control with switches. Landing Gear, Rangefinder (off and on), and RTL. Non of those are options on the channel 6 drop down menu. Any suggestions? Thanks.


CH6-Option is for tuning purposes and not for assigning functions. With CH6, which have to be assigned to the knob of your RC, you can adjust the value in the range you define in the min-/max-fields underneath. The functions you want to control you can assign to channel 7 to 12. In „full parameter list“ you can assign those functions with the parameters CHx_OPT, where x is the channel number.

Alternatively, if you are willing to run the V3.7.0-dev version of firmware you can use channel 6 for those functions. In that case CHx-OPT is gone and replaced with RCx_OPTION.

Thanks for the info. I used the CHx_OPT option and got it working just the way I needed it to. I will hold off on 3.7 until it has been out a while. Thanks again.

Can’t Ch6 also be used to control camera gimbal tilt?