Channel 6 actually useful?

Alright gentlemen,
Maybe I’m just burnt out, or maybe I need a helmet. Working on a new build. Bird is maidened, and tuned beautifully, I do it the old school way.

Tarot x8 frame
Tarot propulsion set,
Mauch pl power system,
Here+ rtk,
Emlid reach+ rtk,
Pixhawk cube,
Crossfire diversity rx,
Arris zhaoyun pro gimbal,
Sony a6300,
Seagull rec,
Tbs unify vtx,
HDMI conerter,
Smart fpv camera switch.

Have everything operating properly, EXCEPT the gimbal. Rc over mavlink with crossfire. 1-4 control, 5 flight modes. Channel 6, currently useless. I need to have pan and tilt, with cam trigger. channels 9-12 out from crossfire, are running seagull channels 1,2,4. Channel 12, cam switch. Any way to make channel 6 an aux? Is like to use 6 for cam trigger. 7 for pan, and 8 for tilt.
Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Give this a try?

Channel 6 can be assigned a function like any other. You would need to also be sure TUNE is disabled (0).

I’ve attempted all of this, and simply cannot find a rc6_option.

Full param tree is only showing


I’ll pop the Bird open, try and get some pictures, and screenshot some setting.

Look at the firmware revision in the screen shot I posted. Load Arducopter Master or wait.

So, to clarify. All i need, is to be able to choose what channel 6,7,8 do. ideally 6-cam trigger, 7-pan, 8-tilt. From what I’ve gleaned, load 3.7.0, and risk my bird falling out of the air. Or waiting (for what, and how long). Why is channel 6 so locked down?

Yes, that would seem to be the choice. It’s been assigned for tuning for as long as I recall.

Well… we did realise that was a problem, thus the changes in

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