Channel 4 doesn't work

Hey there, I had been using APM 2.8 for a while until I changed to pixhawk recently. My RC receiver required a PPM encoder to connect to pixhawk, everything work perfectly except channel 4, when I move the stick the channel 5’s output changes rather than 4. What could be the problem? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Good day,
what kind of receiver are are you using?
You must check also how did you set the channels on your transmitter

Apparently you have the PWW to PPM encoder input for channel 5 connected to the receiver channel 4 output.

I have 3 of these things. Channel 1 is red, white and black. Channel 2 is next with a single wire, followed by channel 3, channel 4 and so on.

Maybe the encoder is not labelled right. Is it the one with 8 wires?

Holy shit, I never knew the one with black, red, white wire was the 1st channel, I thought it was to power up the receiver so I plugged it into the binding pin of the receiver. I guess that’s where I am wrong, thanks for pointing it out!!!

Yeah, It’s the one with eight wires.

Sounds like you have it fiqured out