I have a big X8 copter, which is flying reasonably well. I have to however change the frame orientation, because the way the cameras are mounted, and it seems that there is no way of temporarily changing the AHRS_ORIENTATION from the level of a mission definition - is this true? I mean changing the direction in which the copter is facing during a mission, without the yaw angle excursions after reaching a waypoint. I’ve tried to introduce a CONDITION_YAW as a first mission command, but it worked only until getting to the first waypoint.

So the question is: which parameters have to be modified and what is the general procedure? Of course AHRS_ORIENTATION, but is the accelerometer calibration necessary? If so, at which stage? How about the external compasses?

if you are mounting your fc in a different orientation you need change the AHRS_ORIENTATION and alway perform s new the calibration.

So I first change the AHRS_ORIENTATION and then perform the acc calibration, with the new “nose down” etc. And then calibrate the compasses?

It would be interesting to be able to change the drone orientation by a mission command, but in the way persistent with respect to the waypoints.

Changing AHRS_ORIENTATION wont change how a mission performs.
You’ll need to look at mission commands like ROI (region of interest) and Condition Yaw
and there’s parameter WP_YAW_BEHAVIOR

I did not know about ROI, thanks for mentioning it.

I’ve tried several combinations of Condition Yaw and WP_YAW_BEHAVIOR, but it seems that you cannot achieve temporary changing of the copter orientation, independent of waypoints. When I’ve added a Condition Yaw after every waypoint, there was still a lot of yaw adjustment. I would be interested in having a possibility of adjusting the option 3 of WP_YAW_BEHAVIOR (follow the GPS course) by a fixed value.