Change vehicle type from drone to rover

Hi team,

we need to switch between fly and ground mode on a drone that acts as a rover on the ground. Is there a way more elegant than using 2 separate pixhawk units and switch between them. I am sure there is :wink:

best, happy easter from Germany


G’day Timo,
that type of hybrid hasn’t been implemented. Two “hacks” might be:

  1. Use a Linux based flight controller (ie Navio2 or similar), and a script to switch executables as needed. From memory that’s been done before.
  2. Use copter, with a Lua script to implement a custom mixer (not yet possible, but you could build on, to redirect outputs as required. I’m not sure how that would perform in practice - there’d be a bit more to it than just the mixer.

Hi James,

thank you for the directions you provided …

Will dig into your options. As we like to stay on pixhawk for now I assume to implement a custom mixer which takes more “facts” into account (ground mode / fly mode) sounds reasonable.