Change PID settings with Radio Switch

Hello all,

I am very new here and have just began flying. I wanted to know if there is a way that using ArduCopter I can change the PID values from a switch on the telemetry radio I’m using?

I would like to add something like different PID profile settings. This is because whenever I try to fly outdoors and indoors with my copter, the flying always feels very different (and it isn’t just due to wind). I have a set of PID parameters for indoor flying and outdoor flying that I need to change on Mission Planner whenever I want to change environments.

Looking at the developer documentation, it seems that it is possible to have custom attitude controllers and flight modes, so I assume it would be possible to make changes with a switch on my radio to go from indoors to outdoors? Is there a way I can do this without having to change the Github code?
Please let me know if this is an option! Thank you!

Some of them with Transmitter based tuning. I use it all the time.
Transmitter based tuning
There is also Yaapu GCS, a Lua based system:
Yaapu GCS
And TBS also has a Lua based tool.

Thank you for the reply, I think that these are good points, I am trying the Transmission based tuning but also started to look at Lua scripts that I can run to change the inputs if more than one is needed to change.