Ch7 and Ch8 Opt blacked out

Hi guys!
I am currently setting up my hexacopter and I am somehow not able to choose what to do with my channel 7 and 8 switches. I’d like to deploy my landing gear with ch7 and activate autotune with ch8.
on my little test-quadcopter everything worked fine. However since I reinstalled arducopter I just cant change these two parameters: I cannot click on it.

I calibrated the switches properly in the radio calibration. They work fine there.
Any ideas?

Sure, you are running 3.7-dev version of firmware. Configure those channels from the Full Parameter List with the RCx_OPTION parameters.

Thanks for the quick reply!
I’m kinda curios why I am runnig a dev version :slight_smile: Since I actually do not want to put any dev version on my big hexacopter. So I gotta install the stable 3.6.9 version again to fix this properly?

Yes, right. Either you hit the CNTRL-Q keys from Mission Planner which will load the “latest”/dev version or you downloaded from the “latest” directory rather than “Stable”. If you select the default version of Copter in MP it will install the current stable version.