CG and Autolanding with retractable gimbal


We are using a retractable gimbal, the retract weight is like 400g near the CG. The difference between non retract and retract result a slight nose heavy. We will do auto tune when the gimbal is out as it will be 90% of the time. But will it affect the auto landing? As the plane will be a little bit nose heavy when the gimbal is inside. And what should we do here?

I would get the physical model as correct as possible even if that involves adding counterweigth to get the CG at the right location

The plane will fly a little faster and a be bit more stable when nose heavy. So should not be a problem during flight or autolanding. A well tuned pitch loop is important as well as enough up elevator travel but as long as the CG doesn’t move dramatically (by 5%+) then all should be fine. Just make sure the CG is correct when the gimbal is rearward (open)