CCW motors running high compared to CW

Hello team,

I have a newly build quad V agri drone. Currently, I am testing that one. now the issue is CCW motor is running too high. based on the log also c1 and c2 are rotating too high. We are trying to maintain a motor angle as same as possible. Are there any other reasons for this issue? for your reference, I attached the log. Kindly review and give your feedback. Waiting for the answers.

Log link: 00000092.BIN - Google Drive


Is this really a V Frame Type? I wouldn’t be flying any Auto Missions before it’s tuned.

Hello Dave,
Yes, it is a V quad frame.
In a previous build, we didn’t face this issue(without autotune). But, in this build, we are facing a CCW motors heating issue.

AFAIK it happens when motor mounts slip on arms and are not pointed strictly upwards.

Let’s see a photo of it.

Hello dave,
I attached frame photo for your reference.
Kindly review and let me know your comments.

The arms or motors mounts are likely twisted but I would use Quad/X for that frame not V.