CC3D Revolution Mini and OP GPS -> no gps?

Hi all. I’m trying to move from LibrePilot to Ardupilot, so I’ve installed the 4.0.3 (last stable) version of the firmware into a CCD3D Revolution Mini using the “bootloader” version of the firmware image.

Flashing was goood anf I’m able to connect the Revo Mini to Mission planner using USB and see the data from the sensors and RC.

I’ve connected the “OP GPS” to Flexy port too but I always get “NO GPS” message on mission planner.

I’m missing some configuration or there is some known compatibility problems ?

Thanks for support.

Hi all, I’d like to point out that I’m a noob so no hint will be too obvious :slight_smile:

I’ve checked the configuration and I see that GPS is set as “AUTO” both for presence and protocols, but always there is “no gps” message.

Welcome here Fulvio :slight_smile:
I came from Open/Libre like a year ago for a sail project using a Revo mini.
It does work with a GPS, but maybe not necessarily the OP GPS unit.
You may need to look for a another unit that clearly indicates what the separate connectors are used for.

I think we were a bit spoiled over there since we got both gps and external mag to work with just one connection with 4 wires. Here I have so far found no other way than to connect the gps to serial 3 (2 wires) and then the external mag via i2c (2 wires) and then of course you need 5V and ground wires, total 6 wires.

Make sure the gps on the Flexi port is configured on mission planner as Serial3, as described in the specs here.

Good luck!

Hi Karl, thanks for feedback.

The OP GPS is a GPS only device (no compass) so it has 1 serial (rx-tx) and no more ports.

Using Mission Planner I’ve checked the configuration of SERIAL3:

Did anyone use an OP GPS with an CC3D Revolution Mini?

That configuration looks fine to me.
The problem I think is the OP GPS, its pretty outdated now and uses OP protocol.
I have one of these, similar to yours?

I don’t think you will get it to work using Ardu firmwares.
But I think you should be able just to keep your current gps configurations and connect for example the unit Beitian BN220 (compass only) and t will work, smaller but better.

Hi all, I’d like to share that is possibile to use the “OP GPS” with ardupilot without modifications. It has to be connected to “flexy port” (as documented) and ardupilot is able to understand it using UBX protocol. The Ardupilot setup is the default ones.

Firmware version: Ardupilot “official” ver. revo-mini_4.0.3

To be completed, my problem was a faulty flexy port in the controller.

Here the hardware and the mission planner ok

Thanks for all the feedbacks, hope this confirmation will be useful to someone :slight_smile:


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I’ve got similar hardware - I can’t seem to get the GPS to show up.

Did you make any settings changes?
How did you determine the port was faulty?
Did you repair it and if so how?

Hi, it’s a while that i’m not working to this project but i remember:

  • no changes at all firmware setup to default values
  • using the controller with other fw i never was able to use the port
  • no repair (the port is into the single chip) i used a brand new controller

Hi Karl, I need your help. I saw your car and boat project on the librepilot forum. Unfortunately I can not subscribe to that forum and so I could not download the uav file. What I have designed is a trolling motor managed by CC3D revolution. Basically, the project completely follows your old machine project.
Everything seems to work well also considering the simplicity of the set up (a reversible motor for the trotthle and another reversible motor for the steering). Problems arise with the configuration of flight modes. I know this would not be the right forum but I didn’t know how to contact you otherwise. If you can help me, I look forward to hearing from you and thank you anyway.

Hi William,
We could open a PM here at Ardupilot to start with.
I will send you.

Your old project is here:

Thank you