Catamaran boat

Hello, just start a new project, and i am a french newbie
Just want to make sure before i start buying stuff

Project is a catamaran with two engine
i think i will use the skid steering mode
One engine will draw 4amp
Automunius mode with google map and Rc radio controlled
That its

I will get the the:
arduipilot apm 2.6 or the new 3DR Pixhawk
3dr gps
3dr radio set 433 mhz
APM power module

I already have an arduino Duelinaove ,is this will be enought ? because of on PWM and two engine
Any sugestion on the radio controller Europe

With the skid steering what kind of motor drive or dual motor drive a can use 4amp DC motor

Thank you, any other info is welcome to help

No answer :frowning:

You might look at the Dimension Engineering Sabertooth dual motor controllers. The have a skid steering function built-in or you can use them as two separate motor controllers with the APM performing the skid steering function.
TCIII ArudRover2 Developer

thank you for your answer
look exactaly what i was looking for
one step ahead

did you design your vehicle?

have a look