Capture geotagged image with Arducam 16mp autofoucus camera, Respberry pi 4 and Pixhawk

Hello, All. I’m new to DIY drones community
I built my first quadcopter using Pixhawk 2.4.8 and the Copter V4.2.1 firmware and I’m using a Raspberry Pi 4 as a companion computer.

My aspiration
I am willing to take geotaged photos with an Arducam camera connected to the RPi while completing a waypoint mission autonomously.

Following ae the hardware option available for me:

  1. Pixhawk 2.4.8
  2. Respberry pi 4
  3. Arducam 16mp autofocus

Trigger Arducam automatically for taking geotagged photos while the drone is on a waypoint mission.

Is there any lead / solution that i can follow ?
Could some one please point me in right direction.
Thank you.

Hi Birendra,
It has been a while since applying these workflows, so there may be a error in my description of the process, but I think these are two approaches that may inform your efforts.
I think that you are wanting to create a mission using the survey grid tool. this will allow you to define the camera parameters to achieve the ground image you want. This tool will also allow for setting up the camera trigger for optimizing for 3D reconstruction (image sidelap and overlap. Camera triggers can be set as a high pin from one of the Autopilot output pins. You should, in theory, be able to trigger your Pi cam using this signal.
Alternatively you can set the camera trigger to a distance parameter and the signal will be sent at that interval or distance. I think this approach will work (if enabled) during a standard mission.
You can then use the geotagging tool in mission planner to correlate the cam messages to the images, creating a separate geotagged folder of the images.
Best of Luck,


Hi SeanHeadrick,

Thank you for the headsup, survey grid tool should work. Challage would be to automae it.
I will work on it and post the progress here.

Thank you

I was looking here for help with Lua scripting when I came upon your post. you might want to look into this as well for automating your process.

Thanks again, Every little information helps :slight_smile:

A few years ago I used an RPI+RPI camera to capture images as part of the TAP-J team’s entry in the Japan Innovation Challenge search and rescue competition. This included capturing the autopilot’s location and embedding it into JPEG images. The code we used is here (I think).

If you’re looking for a more robust solution there are some professional geotaggers on the AP wiki that work with sony cameras.

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