Can't upload firmware on Pixhawk 2.4.8 via APMPlanner

Hi, I’m running APM Planner on Mac Catalina,
Strange, if I connect my Pixhawk 2.4.8 it works and I get a connection.
If I try to load a new FW onto the device, I got only a blank screen

Any ideas? (btw I’m a newbie - but I have experience with other FlightControllers (FPV), …)

IMG_4315 2 Kopie

Thanks for your assistance

Update 1: I installed latest FTDI driver (2.4.4) on my Catalina 10.15.7 - no better results :-(. Upload/download of Planning/Config data works well

disconnect pixhawk from APM planner then go to install firmware page

??? - It’s disconnected and if I now go to firmware page - it’s empty (see screenshot)


Do you using latest version ?

I believe you mean latest version of APMPlanner?

Could you run it from terminal to see what error happening ?
In the apmplanner application there is a macos folder that contains a binary drag and drop it to terminal then go to firmware screen and send a screenshot of terminal

hope that helps

in the last line you can see that APMplanner couldn’t detect your board, it could be a bug or old boot loader version
try to run mission planner on mac with vmware or wine then flash your Pixhawk
or simply use QGC on mac

hi, thanks for your help - it will work on my mac with your suggestions.

But - before I read your message, I put my board into DFU-Mode and uploaded manually the firmware - it worked too :slight_smile: - but it was a mess to find how I put this fu…ing china board into dfu :open_mouth: - see my picture

IMG_4328 Kopie

But with QGC it’s much more easier :slight_smile:

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