Can't review log in mission planner

Hello there. Prior to my indoor flights, I re-calibrate the compass then went back to the lab to check the logs. The logs are there, I can download the logs but the time stamp is on January 1st 1980, 8am for all 4 flights. When reviewing the logs, it doesn’t graph the data as it should. Instead, it shows a vertical line on all data. I’ve attached a screenshot of the review graph and the log file. I hope someone can shed a light on these. Thank you.

Log file:

Hi, welcome,
it gets the date & time from the GPS.
Try unchecking the “use time,” checkbox at the bottom of the page . graphing may work!. (not sure)

sometimes i have this issue with mission planner try APMplanner it has a better graphing

@ambattuhari I unchecked “use time” and it works! Thank you so much!