Cant get TBS Unify with Runcam Eagle II working with Pixracer R15

I can not seem to figure out how to wire up the TBS Unify and Eagle II FPV cam to my Pixracer, anyone out there who can help? Don’t know where to plug anything in and am completely at a loss.


1.)Have emailed TBS, they said they aren’t familiar with Pixhawk and would recomend using a Beta Flight board

2.) Scowered Youtube, no luck on setup

3.) read all TBS docs, no help with Pixhawk

4.) searched RC groups and DIY for info to no avail

5.) emailed Runcam, with no luck


Pixracer R15
TBS Unify Pro HV
Runcam Eagle II Rotor Riot edition
T motor 4 in 1 55A ESC
Lumineir Zip motors
M Robotic Big Ground Plane NEO-8 GPS
Matek system 55A PDB
RFD 900+
Taranis x9D+
TBS Crossfire XL
Max amps 4S 5450mah Lipo
Pixhawk power module
XT-60 connectors
Lumineir gate breaker 6 inch props (POPO)

Nothing on the video side is connected to the Pixracer directly. It does not support Smart Audio and does not have integrated OSD. If you want OSD data from the PixRacer you will have to use an accessory board.

For RC control it;s simply Sbus out of your Crossfire Rx to the RCin port of the Pixracer. I assume you have the manual for the PixRacer?

Hey Dave, thanks for the reply!
Ive got everything else on the list working except the TBS and Eagle.

I found out last night that Pixracer doesn’t support smart audio, which is weird to me, because its called a racer, you would think it would lol.

I do have the Pixracer documentation, but had trouble discerning how to hook up the FPV cam.

As I understand it, and please correct me if I’m wrong, the OSD companion board will allow me to connect to connect the two remaining bare leads from the TBS

Green - Audio
White Smart Audio

and the I connect the OSD to a UART on Pixracer? then this will pass the video to Pixracer?

Sorry for seeming totally lost, I’ve been building larger birds for years and this is my first FPV and I’m trying to stay loyal to Pixhawk.

Yes, UART from PixRacer to OSD board like this:

Despite the name it’s not really a Racer. Arducopter isn’t the best choice for that no matter what Flight Controller you use. But there are FC’s that have integrated OSD that is supported by Ardupilot with configuration in Mission Planner.

Does PX4 support smart audio, or is it just not gonna happen for a while for Arducopter or Px4?

It’s not in px4 either.
I’d suggest raising a feature request for ArduPilot in GitHub if there’s not one already.

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Here is some info on SmartAudio. It looks like TBS customer support will supply the spec for the protocol for integrators.

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