Can't find log after flight (have SD card in PIXHAWK)?

Excuse me, I can’t find my log flight.

  • I have SD card in pixhawk and strorage is emty.?

Reformat that Sd card or try another one.

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Hi guy,I try to find my log files in same SD card but another Pixhawk.
And then I can find my log files and download it.
So,I think in my Pixhawk that have a problem doesn’t have any correct parameter or other problem for save log files

Do you have any idea for this problem?
Please help me.
Thank you.

Post the parameter file.

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My paramater file in Cubeback PIXHAWK
hexa-aavc.param (18.3 KB)

Set LOG_BACKEND_TYPE to File (1) which is default.

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I set LOG_BACKEND_TYPE to File (1) but the problem is still the same.

Other than you have LOG_DISARMED enabled all else is at default. Reformat the card or try another one.

Thank you very much.I have justed solve it by