Can't delete Crashdump data

Can anyone help me out please? How do i clear this ‘CrashDump’ error. Last thing before i can arm. My radio is off in the image below, but it works fine when on, it clears right out. I did a search on here and didn’t find much.


I can go to MAVFTP, and see the files, in my case there happens to be 2.

One in APM folder

This one i can delete, however it comes right back after reboot.

This one

I can’t delete this one, get this


I’m assuming getting these deleted will clear the error, but i can’t get rid of them. PLEASE HELP!

As to what’s actually in the file, I’m not concerned, I had lots of errors and reboots for other reasons. All those problems are now solved, other than one, but the Gimbal isn’t critical for flight.

So i just want to clear it, and if it comes back, then need to look into it.

Also i know i can turn off this check during arming, but if possible i want to avoid that.

Uploading a new firmware deletes the crash_dump flash page.

I’ll be damned, easy as pie. Thank you so much. One last check over before maiden flight!

Make sure you understand what caused crash. Or it’s NOT safe for a flight.