Cannot get stable flight

After calibrating everything (and even finally the compasses) - I have lost control and crashed three times. I am back at the bench and looking at servo output to the motors. When in Stabilize mode, I arm the motors and the PWM goes from 982 to 1084 on all motors (looks good so far). I them up the throttle a couple of notches and the servo output for the motors goes to 1:1818, 2:1135 3: 1464 4:1812. The copter is level. I have re-calibrated all of the ESCs manually.

The setup is a quad with CUAV V5 FC, HobbyWing 40A ESCs, Tiger MN3508 and firmware-3.6rc7

Any ideas on what to try next would be great - have gone through 2 sets of landing gear, GPS mast, carbon fiber plate and haven’t gotten 1 minute of flight time.

I am not competent yet to analyze the log and not sure how to post it either…

Without a log file we would only be guessing.

That test is pretty much meaningless. In Stabilize mode, and most other modes, there is not direct control of the motors from throttle its a processed signal. And with the craft grounded there is not proper feedback from the sensors for control. The most common problem is improper motor order, motor rotation direction or props on backwards.

Post a log and what is the all up weight of the craft?

I am not that good at reading logs yet. I tried upload the log file but, it is being rejected for size. Here is the link to the log I posted on gitter

The weight of the quad w/o battery is 50oz. and with the battery I was using 4S/4500mah, it is 66oz.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.