Cannot find SCR_ENABLE parameter MambaSTMF405MK2

I’m running as FC: mambaF405 mk2 which apparently has 16 mb of ‘blackbox’ flash - it should be useable for things other than BB logging though, right … like LUA scripting? I’ve flashed several builds of beta, latest, 4.2, 4.1 to no avail. I cannot even see the parameter SCR_ENABLE to enable scripting.
Is the board unable to support .LUA scripting or am I doing something wrong and can someone guide me in the right direction. Thank you very much.

I’m not going to answer my own question, I think I’m wrong.

In my Status tab in mission planner it reads: “freemem 47704” - should be enough? o.O

AFAIK you can’t use lua scripting on f405 boards since scripting requires at least 2 MB of flash and 70 kB of memory.



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The Mamba H743v4 — Copter documentation has 128 MB of “Data Log Flash” - will that work or do you have any recommendations for Flight Controllers? Thanks!!

Any H7 processor FC will work including that one. I like the Matek H743 boards. If you want to know about a particular board look at the hwdef.dat file for this:

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Thank you very much.