Cannot connect KP-MINIA7 VTX to Matek-H743 Wing

Hi, I wanna connect KP-MINIA7 VTX to Matek-H743, but I cannot find any datasheet for this vtx. So I have no idea what communication protocol it uses. And I would like to see some wiring example. Maybe someone have used vtx like this and can help me with connection.
Thanks for help in advance:)

A 5W VTX for $26. Only on Aliexpress. It says it’s a Readytosky unit, a bullshit supplier of questionable hardware but why not ask them for a spec sheet?

But, connecting a VTX to a Matek H743-Wing is basic:
VTX connection

If that thing delivers 5W, you might wear some lead undies to accompany your tin foil hat.

And you’ll want to power it on a dedicated circuit (not through the autopilot’s voltage regulator).

I have asked them, but all China companies are on vacation right now due to some local celebration(
By the way ready2sky is only a reseller I have found an original company it is Kimpok Tech I have write them as well. And I know that spec like that quite impossible, my desired power output smth around 1W.

“Basic connection” you mean yellow is video and I do not need white at all. I have found that some similar modules have pinout like that yellow - video, white - audio. At first I have thought it is IRC Tramp protocol cuz it has 4 wires.

I am not that person who wrote this spec, so you better learn how to be polite, dude. Actually, I found VTX 7W version))))) Still waiting for 9999.9W.