Cannot calibrate any sensors through any ground control station

I have tried to calibrate ArduCopter through both QGroundControl and Mission Planner and literally nothing happens, I can’t even proceed through the process. The screenshot below shows what I see when I go to do accelerometer calibration through QGC.

I can’t press “next” to actually run the process. In MP, similarly, I can press the button to start accelerometer calibration and see the button text change to “press here when done” but nothing else happens. What is happening here? My drone is unusable as is.

A little bit more information would be helpful, like: Arducopter version,
Flightcontroller, connection.

Stick with Mission Planner in any case for configuration, calibration and tuning. You can use QGC as a Ground Station after the craft is flying

Sure thing! ArduCopter version Copter V3.4.6, board is the Parrot Bebop 2 (followed the instructions here to replace Parrot’s proprietary controller with ArduCopter), connection is over wifi.

Roger that, I’m basically just looking for anything that works but Mission Planner is annoying because I can only use it on Windows and I’m usually on Ubuntu for development

Missionplanner runs fine with mono on linux, at least for me.

sadly, not for me. it hangs like this in the screenshot

Mine does it too now. But it works if I start it as superuser.