Canard what is the Difference?

Hi All ,

As you see in the pic , It’s canard plane ,

and he did it using old ardupilot in 2009 ,

I am interested in this project and need to apply it ,

as I read when using Canard the control of the elevator is reserved ,

pitch up - canard go DOWN.
pitch down - canard go UP

I did that by reverse the output of the CH2 with my pixhawk .

but the controlls go wrong in FBWA , and Auto mode ,

Until now I just test in ground ,

I want to be sure , what makes that difference in control and how can arduplane Solve it ?

when I set mode to Auto or FBWA and move fast by the car the canard do Pitch Down !!

Dose there any setup for the canard ?

hope any one can help .