Can you recommend me Flight Controller?

Is there anything good for education?

Jack, if you like me not perfectly skilled at soldering or reading electronic diagrams stay away from those like Matek. I tried those because those have very good specs and usually good pricing…
I have everything from the earliest Pixhawkes from 3 DR and the Cube orange and black. All of them were easy to install and worked instantly. I also have 2 Pixracer and one CUAV Pixhack v3, and one V5 nano. Those CUAV flight controllers are all just plug in and I always got it working immediately.
Purchasing the Matek H743 wing and the slim with the MATEK GPS M10-L4-3100.
I have Arduplane FW installed into the Matek h743 wing and the slim. But after that I struggled to get those fully working on the bench and leave them both on the shelf for later trying. I now think that I should have spend more money for flight controller who are much easier to install. I am in the minority here with that opinion but still think you like to know.


`Thank you for your reply.
I want to make my own FC!

As a beginner with Ardupilot myself, I made the mistake of plugging in servo’s in S1 and S2 without realizing there’s no +5V when using a standard servo plug. You’ll need to get +5V from somewhere else on the board for powering the servo. After that, it was standard calibrating all requirements (radio & orientation, compass etc) and all of a sudden it came to life without any errors or alarm messages.

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