Can we On-Off LED ouput from Radio

Flight Controller:Matek H743-SLIM Flight Controller
For mapping please refer

I have installed “Panda RC WS2812 LED Arm Light” LEDs and works perfectly and change colour according to status.
How can I On-Off LEDs from Radio using any Switch?

You would need a relay controlled by an AUX output configured for a relay. The relay would need to interupt the 5volts supply to the LED strings.
Or there are PWM controlled switches available.
Use a flight controller output, not a direct connection the radio reciever - that way it is logged and you can control it with scripting if needed.

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" D4184 Mosfet control Module Replacement Relay" this should work for me right?

yes but you will need to configure the pin as a relay rather than pwm.

How can we configure individual Pin as GPIO?
I have 1-4 As Dshot1200,5-12as PWM and 13 as NeoPixel Led?
I want make 5 pin as GPIO
FC is Matek H743-Slim

@xfacta Can I request new feature to control Led brightness like VTX power?(NTF_LED_BRIGHT)