Can the center of gravity for a tricopter be adjusted

The center of gravity in a tricopter is in the middle of the triangle. I need to move the center of gravity forward (like in figur below from (a) to (b) ) to try a new design out. Is it possible to configure ardupilot in a easy way to achieve this?

i want to have the cog at point b, and make the tricopter fly normally.

COG is a weight distribution function.
A software parameter change will not move the weight of the hardware,

Change the hardware, you do not need to change anything on the firmware nor on the parameters.

I know that i have to move the weight on the hardware and this is also my intention. But in the documentation it says to fly properly we have to put the cog of the hardware to right place for the autopilot to function properly. And that is exactly what I would like to change.

So for example for a take of the autopilot will know due to the change of the cog, it has to give 60% thurst to front rotors and 40% to rear. This might work now for simple moves but i think it would not fly very safe with complex turns and movements.

You will have to make sure the CoT is at the same place as the CoG. If you want to have the CoG further forward, make sure the front motors have more thrust and/or the rear motor less (bigger props/smaller props). There is nothing the autopilot can do to achieve this. It will be difficult to get a result which is balanced over the full throttle range. I have built something like this years ago as a T-pentacopter. Four motors on the front arm and one in the rear. This moves the CoT forward and therefor the required CoG further forward as well. It was quite flyable, because all motors/props were the same. No imbalance over the throttle range.

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