Can someone help me analyze the log? Crash Copter3.6.0

Can someone help me analyze the log:

  1. When taking the route, suddenly deviate from the route, and alarm: GPS glitch and EKF variance.

  2. I saw the PWM average 1750, but the UAV still fell down

  3. The whole falling process shows that the attitude is particularly stable.

I don’t know what happened. Can someone help me.

Here is the log:!AownCgkX5Znvk1yILhBOJce7vd9z?e=zLDKW4

This time, the crash is very strange. PWM is 1750, the attitude is normal, but the UAV falls.

i don’t think the main reason of crash was GPS glitch in your log HDOP and NSats is OK

but every time when motors goes working harder (maybe against strong wind or break and change waypoint) the Z vibration increase till 80! with clipping

high z vibration will affect EKF measurement and could cause crash

I think some motors have stopped, at least two. And our drone itself is very vibrating.