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CAN question to developers

(James Pattison) #21
Sorry: not on here much, and not a Dev, just trying to point you in the right direction.
There are generic gimbal commands in uavcan. Unsure if they are implemented in the Ardupilot uavcan driver.

(EShamaev) #22

I am ready to implement support for gimbal over UAVCAN.
But I need to know if UAVCAN is supported on gimbal.

(OlliW42) #23

hey EShamaev,

I’m not sure I read your comment correctly. The thread so far seems to have been about supporting the gremsy gimbals, but your comment seems to be less specific, which encourages me to jump in.

I’m actually very interested to add UAVCAN to the STorM32 gimbal controller.

(“secret” hints of that you may e.g. infer from here or here

I understand the idea of having general messages, but I think there is also a need for hardware-specific messages.

(a somewhat related discussion you may find here!topic/uavcan/JeBsioN79rk).

I’m not sure AP is prepared to go that route, but if so (i.e., if there is the possibility of some flexibility), I would be interested to link into the discussion, e.g. on message definitions.

Cheers, Olli

(EShamaev) #24

Actually I am asking about this specific gremsy Gimbal.
If UAVCAN is supported on gimbal.
There are 3 already defined messages in UAVCAN but I need to have the hardware that supports it.

(OlliW42) #25

ok, makes sense, my misunderstanding, sorry for that.

(Christoph Michaelis) #26

Hello …
I talked to Huy Pham from gremsy via FB messenger. He told me that the H series of their gimbals theoretically support CANUAV via CANLINK hardware interface but there are some attitude informations missing in present protocol … He did not exactly tell me which by now.
I hope this helps … Will You please let me know ?
Thx from Berlin

(Christoph Michaelis) #27

Hello !

This is what Huy from gremsy said … Can You help ?

Hi Christoph, it is from the UAVCAN side, if they support the CAN Message structure containing attitude information then it will be fine

I think he needs ATTITUDE …


(Christoph Michaelis) #28

May I have an answer please …

Cheers, Christoph

(James Pattison) #29

The gremsy guy didn’t answer your question. Ask him which specific UAVCAN messages he needs.

(Christoph Michaelis) #30

He said ATTITUDE information … Please tell me what exactly I’d have to ask for when talking to him …

(James Pattison) #31

I’ll be frank: gremly have the expertise to sort this out if they wanted to. They could read the uavcan protocol and definitions. They could identify the gimbal messages, and consume/implement them. They could put forward their own CAN implementation to Ardupilot.
But they haven’t.
I’m stepping out of this discussion.

(Christoph Michaelis) #32

Dear James !

May I ask again please ? ( I say sorry for playing some kind of synapse wiithout a clue :wink: )

I’m just trying to link two well engineered products I count on …

So here’s Gremsys statement : They are trying to use the messages from the page UAVCAN/dsdl,
but for some reason they cannot “get it out of the PH”. Now they are asking, if they should some kind
of tease the PH by a command line or so, to make the PH set the messages free actively ?

Please forgive my strange wording (not my native tongue) , but I am not a programmer and this is what I interpret.

Will You just please let me know what I could answer or whom explicitely I should / could ask concerning this topic ?

I would really appreciate Your support !

Thanks a lot,


(Christoph Michaelis) #33

Will You please see my latest post in here (asking James ) ?
Will You please help ?

Thank You

(Christoph Michaelis) #34

Some small extra information …

Huy Pham from Gremsy wants me to add :

" thank you, please mention that the message I need is on AHRS branch with message ID 1000 "

Is that helpful to know ?

Cheers, Christoph

(Christoph Michaelis) #35

Hey …

I there a reason nobody will answer this question ? Anything wrong with it ?

Best regards, Christoph

(EShamaev) #36

First of all I would really appreciate if Huy Pham would step into discussion himself. That would ease communication a lot.
Attitude broadcast is in PR right now, hopefully will get in master soon.

(Tim Jones) #37

I love their products, but it is not hard to figure out they are aiming at the DJI market. I understand why a business would do that. And he is sort of signaling he does not have time for this

(TI) #38

The Gremsy T3 gimbal has recently been announced, and I had a look at the manual at, where it states this about the Pixhawk connection:

Connect cable from COM2 port on hyper quick release to TELEMETRY 1/ TELEMETRY 2 on Pixhawk , Pixhawk 2. Once connected, the gimbal controller will automatically send MAVLINK message to set attitude update rate of flight controller at 10Hz.
Baudrate on Pixhawk should be set at 57600bps

So one should think that this is operational and compensates horizon drift. But I have inquired with Gremsy to directly give feedback in this post as well to confirm this.

(Christoph Michaelis) #39

here we’re talking about H series.
no solution with pixhawk so far.

(mike kelly) #40

christoph, This is not a simple problem or quick to fix. Relaying information back and forth is not accurate enough for developers to do anything. If Gremsy wants to do this they need to communicate directly with Ardupilot and UAVCAN developers.