Can_pmu_lite 1.2 and nora+

Hi all. I have connected to nora+ pw can_pmu lite 1.2, but the battery status is not displayed in mp. Please tell me who set what parameters for correct operation. and I would also like to reflash my pw via scan, but I can’t download the firmware from the official cuav site, writes 404. I will be grateful if you send the firmware and tell me how you set up the PW in the mission planer.

Connect PMU to Power C port kindly set the following parameters and re-start the Nora FC.
CAN_ DRIVER for both P1 and P2 to be enable .

I set these parameters but it doesn’t work

Share the parameter with connection on Nora?

Monitor - dronecan batteryinfo
Sensor - cuav hv pm
Hw ver - cuav v5
Can_d1_protocol 1
Can_d2_protocol 1

Do not set sensor and Hw type …,.just set battery monitor as 8 dronecan battery info.

when changing sensor 0 and hw ver 0 and rebooting in sensor, cuav hv pm is applied automatically. maybe there is a solution?

try this setting.

works fine for me with X7 on CAN PMU

Firmware version ardupilot?

Arducopter 4.2.0 beta 2