Can not get vector tilt to work on Convergence type model using PixFalcon

Hi. I am building a tilt rotor vehicle similar to the Convergence model, which I have and use for comparison. I am running the latest Ardupilot on a PixFalcon flight controller, and I am using the standard Convergence param file found in ArduPlane found in the link below.

Everything is working, except I can not get the vector tilt feature to work. I am testing the vertical capability using the QStabalize flight mode. The motors tilt vertically and flight controller correctly stabilizes the vehicle and allows me to control the vehicle using the aileron and elevator controls of my FrSky Taranis X9D transmitter via the FrSky 8XR receiver. But the flight controller does not tilt the front motors asymmetrically when the vehicle is rotated, and the rudder control on the transmitter does not cause the front motors to tilt asymmetrically. I am running Mission Planner on a windows 10 laptop and it shows that the rudder signal from the transmitter is getting to the flight controller correctly working.Does anyone have have any ideas what the problem could be?

It would also be nice to get the 2 front motors to tilt forward in unison using a slider servo control on the transmitter.

This is not possible on Plane stable, but you can do it on Plane

Hi Peter, where can I download the plane 4.1 dev firmware for the Pixfalcon?
Is it:

This should solve the front motor tilt in unison feature. But does it also address the front motor yaw vector tilt feature I need. Shouldn’t this already work in Arduplane Stable? If so, what could I be doing wrong? The param file I am using is the standard one used for the Convergence model available for install in Arduplane (which I posted in my previous post). You can see from the parameter file that it has all the parameter settings suggested by the Tiltrotor Aduplane wiki you mentioned.