Can I get recommendations for good telemetry?

I’m using ‘Holybro sik Telemetry Radio V3’, now
But if we get 15 meters out, the signal’s cut off

I gave up on those telemetry transmitters for that reason.
(Part of the problem being that in many countries there is a limit on how strong a transmitter for private use can be = limited range. But understand there are some that somehow achieve larger range whilst being compliant as well.)

Been using the last few years a 3G/4G wireless broadband dongle with my Rpi.
In that way have reception anywhere with mobile phone signal.
Also use it for video streaming at the same time (Hence at least 4G required).
…but that;s just me.

That short range sounds like there’s an interference or voltage problem.

What sort of range do you need?
Any particular extra usage, or just telemetry data?

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