CAN HUB or i2c splitter

Hi, I am making the S550 frame hexacopter and I have a holybro pixhawk 4 so can i use the i2c splitter as a CAN hub to connect 1 rplidar and 2 benewake tfmini lidars?
Or else can i connect the i2c splitter and use the lidars

G’day @Paarth_Saini
A couple of things.
You can definitely use the i2c splitter as a CANBUS splitter.
I’ll go through your proposed build in the other thread in a little while, but in short: the peripherals you want to put on CAN aren’t CAN devices, so we need to get that sorted out.

Ok but then this is just a question how does dji connect peripherals like bluetooth, datalink, osds, gimbals and obstacle avoidance (it is called dji guidance i think)?
Or is it sth else and they have just named it can bus?

Different peripherals are designed to interface over different communication buses. Serial, CANBUS, SPI, I2C, USB etc. To be able to use a device you need to use the communication bus and protocol that it was designed with, or use a device in the middle to translate. I’d recommend you do some research into this area if you are working towards developing anything yourself.
Specific to DJI: they use CANBUS, with a proprietary protocol, for most of their peripherals. DJI-Guidance is basically a bunch of cameras attached to an Nvidia Jetson that does the computing, and then gives instructions to the Matrice over Serial. Unless/until someone reverse engineers the DJI protocols, and then writes drivers to use them, the DJI hardware isn’t compatible with ArduPilot.