Can companion computer manage the flight controller

Can companion computer manage the flight controller, let’s say force it to move or help it stabilize the drone in windy situation or maintain cretin altitude or longitude?

also is the CUAV V5+ Autopilot compatible with ArduPilot

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Cuav V5 is compatible with Ardupilot firmwares, about companion computer…it can receive all mavlink data and also can help to make a more and stable decisions during your flight.
In stabilize mode you dont have the support of the baro and gps…im not sure if a companion computer can help in this situation.
i will attach you a link so you can have more info about this topic

Thanks a lot Dave84, this is very helpful.
is there a place where I can get a list of Cuav V5 compatible and recommended sensors? does a high number of sensor increase stability? also how does the companion computer communicate with the flight controller? like what type of cable and communication protocol?

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You can connect your companion to the telemetry port 2 of your fc, with a little bit of DIY you can adjust the cable.
Better choose sensors that are well tested by the ardupilot community or in the wiki pages…what kind of sensors are you looking for?
I cand advice Location One is a CAN Gps module…CAN BUS is more stable rather i2c and serials.
You can add a obstacle avoidande like teraranger evo tower…etc
Add sensor depends about the use of the drone…

Thank you so much, those are very helpful information. we are building a Welding drone, We want to achieve the maximum stability possible.

Also, we wants the drone to a relative distance to the object being welded and when the drone moves left or right it should always maintain that same distance from the object being welded and keep the same altitude so we get a straight line. If the movement is vertical then the drone should keep the same horizontal position in addition to the distance from the object being welded again to achieve a straight welding line.

You mentioned something about Wikipedia of sensors? do you have a link to where I can find the best possible sensors I can use? also what’s the most reliable and good flight controller I can buy today?

Thank you so much.

Good day, you can mount on your drone a obstacle avoidance…like teraranger evo tower with multi 60m sensors.

As fc you can look in:

Hi Adam, were you successful in maintaining a constant distance from a surface? I’m interested in using distance sensors to maintain a constant distance from a surface for another drone application. Thanks.