CAN bus digital airspeed sensor problems

I am getting a lot of “unhealthy” airspeed indications, and see this message repeatedly in my flight log:
CAN[113] IERR 0x800 240
Any idea what this means?
Also, despite that this is a digital airspeed sensor (Matek ASPD-DLVR using its CAN bus connector to a Matek H743 FC) it is indicating 14kph airspeed in still indoor air. I thought digital airspeed sensors did not need to be calibrated, no?
It gets adjusted in flight using GPS, and seems to work in general, but I don’t want sensor problems to prevent me from arming the plane.
Let me know how to debug this problem.

Hi @stevempotter

All air speed sensors need to be calibrated to remove the zero offset.
Here you will find a more detailed explanation how airspeed sensors work and why they need a calibration.

The main difference between a “digital” and an “analog” one is the way the sensor communicates with the flight controller.

Hope this helps.

Thanks, I have now calibrated it to remove the offset.
But what about that error,
CAN[113] IERR 0x800 240
What does this mean? Is there a place to look up such errors?
How can I get rid of that and the unhealthy airspeed messages?