Can anyone tell me where the setting is for increasing vertical flight while in PosHold?

There was a setting in previous versions called Pilot_vel something and it seems it’s no longer in the parameters list. I need to increase the rate of climb while in PosHold mode.

PILOT_SPEED_UP and PILOT_SPEED_DN have replaced the old parameter, so you can now have different climb and decent rates.

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Is that just for Stabilize, or also for loiter and PosHold…?

It doesn’t affect Stabilize at all. Throttle control will go from from “Plummet to Earth” to “Military Power” in Stabilize.

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I changed it it just seems like it has a lot of expo in it but it does eventually get to a faster speed. Now how do you adjust the speed at which it accelerates?

PILOT_ACCEL_Z, all the info is in the wiki

You could try MOT_THST_EXPO