Can anyone help me use a turnigy evolution with my ardupilot 2.5

i cant seem to get any input when trying to calibrate my radio (turnigy evolution) in the Mission planner software. im using a tgy-ia6c reciever and its acting like theres no radio connected even though i bound it already.

can you post a picture of the inputs on your APM?

PPM. What are the two black wires? That need to have a jumper between 2 and 3. Input one has all you need. The jumper tells the APM to use PPM.

Is the black wire just a jumper wire?

Do not use the sbus. Use the PPM

the black wire is just a jumper i made from some old connectors

Are you using PPM? Or sbus?

I don’t have the sbus white wire plugged in

In mission planner you are hitting the start calibration button in the lower right?

yes, but the green bars do not move whatsoever.

before i turn on the radio the values in the radio calibration section are all at 1500, then when i turn it on all the values are at 900. Once i start the calibration the values do not change when i move the sticks or change any of the other channels. heres the radio calibrate section of the config.

Have you set the type of output in the radio control? Ppm sbus is the correct setting.

Yes it is on the correct settings.

Sorry the site would not let me post anymore because I am new last night. So your receiver has power? I would hook up something you know works to the PPM on the RX PPM (servo or multimeter) to make sure it does receive.

yes it recieve, im wondering if its a problem on the mission planner softwsre i might un and reinstall it just to be sure

Do you have just a regular jumper. I wonder because it is an old board if the distance the signal has to travel from pin 2 to 3 could be the issue. I bet it’s the jumper wire. It is an 8 bit bored and you are dealing with the portion that has to respond in milliseconds. Get rid of that wire and put a jumper on it.

I am saying it is your jumper wire. If you take your multimeter you will see that wire has resistance. Start with the simple first. You need a jumper.

okay ill have to get a couple on ebay or something, i know theyre super cheap.