Camera trigger via mavlink

We would like to trigger our camera using mavlink information.

using both Cam_trig_ dist and do_digicam. Can you advice me which is the correct command to read to than trigger the camera?

I can’t use a pixhawk servo output for this purpose, just Mavlink information.

Hw: pixhawk 2
Sw: arducopter 3.6.9



This system seems to be very commonly used. However, several other options.

I don’t see a seagull that can parse MavLink for do_cam_trig messages. All of them ask for PWM input.

@Lorenzo_Pessah are you using Aux ports for ESCs ? And are you using all of them ?

@Lorenzo_Pessah - What camera are you using? I have done this before with an Arduino project that monitored the Mavlink stream and triggered a camera by outputting a logic low to a small transistor and a hardwired shutter.

You would need a camera that supports mavlink triggering command. I didn’t find one yet.

Thanks for all reply.

I have a RPI 4 board that is listening mavlink serial. Than the same board will manage our camera. I just need to find a way to read both do_digicam and trigger generate with cam_trig_dist.

I’m sure that mavlink has this information because I can see the trigger information on mission planner.

I of course now how to trigger camera via pwm, relay or other standard system, but I only need via mavlink serial.

The storm32 BGC gimbal controller has a mavlink interface and camera control, but you woul,d need to use this controller…

…why not just let arducopter handle the camera triggering directly via an aux output?

Edit - nvm. i should read more closely. I see OP can only use Mavlink

@Lorenzo_Pessah It sounds like you are wanting to use MAV_CMD_DO_DIGICAM_CONTROL when packed into a command_long.

The handling of the MAVLink message is done here. The camera command it’s piping to is here. The field meaning should just match the MAVLink docs.

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Thanks, I will pass this information to my software engineer and let you know.