Camera trigger: AUTO and SWITCH between photo / video

Hi everybody !

I am currently trying to configure a camera trigger for my drone and I am facing a challenge that requires your help.

With my camera, I want to be able to take pictures with auto trigger functions (like DO_DIGICAM_CONTROL and DO_SET_CAM_TRIGG_DISTANCE) but I also want to be able to switch to video mode in flight and make some recordings.

In this thread, somebody had a good comment that involved having a third value for camera shutter instead of just two. That would allow to have (“OFF” - “VIDEO” - “PHOTO”) instead of (“OFF” - “ON”). The thread is from 2014 but I guess that is something still not implemented.

Otherwise, I was wondering if there was a way to achieve my goal for now.

Thanks for having a look at the topic.
Kind regards,

That is a great idea, I am using a Firefly Q6 camera and this one does nothing at PWM~1500, record at PWM > 1500 and take a still at PWM < 1500.