Camera mount (gimbal) control

Is there a way to switch mount mode rather than from MC UI?
For instance, via RCx or LUA script.

Don’t know if it is of any use for you but there is a lot of new gimbal features on a dev release people are testing. If intereted read here: ArduPilot 4.3 + Gremsy gimbal improvements -- testers wanted!

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As @Corrado_Steri suggests, AP 4.3 includes various gimbal enhancements and this includes the ability to control the gimbal from a Lua script including changing its mode (see binding here). I’ve also thought that perhaps we should make it easier for the pilot to re-take control of the gimbal using RC controls. Perhaps if the gimbal control channels are moved significantly the mount should automatically change to RC_TARGETTING mode?

We have decided exactly when we will start beta testing AP 4.3 but I would guess it will be around the end of August. If you’re feeling brave you can load “latest” (aka “4.3.0-DEV”) from MP’s Install Firmware (press Ctrl-Q) but this version changes daily and has not been through beta testing so while it is normally safe to fly there are no guarantees.

I’m going to move this topic to the Copter-4.2 category if that’s OK.

I’m running a 3.6kg monster, that doesn’t forgive any mistakes. So not feeling like testing a DEV build. Sorry))

As the matter of fact, my goal is to have a trigger to center the gimbal. The best way I found for now is to switch to Neutral mode and back to RC Targeted. May be there is a more simple way, which already can be assigned to an RC switch?

3.6kg is not exactly a monster :slight_smile:

I understand not feeling confortable with a dev.