Camera Gimbal Options Compatible w/ Pixhawk

I’m looking for some EO camera 2/3 axes gimbal options that are compatible/controllable with Pixhawk. The camera does not need to be anything out of this world, but should be packaged fairly nicely. My eye is on DJI Zenmuse X4S or Zenmure Z3, but as I understand it, these are not compatible with Pixhawk.

It needs to weigh under a pounds, the lighter the better.

The Tarot gimbals are compatible and aren’t that expensive.

Hi Mike

I would like to ask you if you know about DJI’s 4K 12MP camera.
Is that compatible with Pixhawk 4?For example, each servo can be driven with PWM signal from the output of PIXHAWK 4 AUX out 1-6?