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Camera focus plane

Hi guys, pls help me about one case. When camera starts trigerring in mission focus of camera goes wrong. I always check focus of cam before flight, and do trigger cam now, and got nice photoes, but when plane goes to his mission, starts doing photos, something goes wrong with focus. Focus in manual mode, and stays on correct position (infinity). Camera on plane Sony a6000. Please help! thx everyone)

Try with autofocus. Sometimes the manual infinity setting is slightly misaligned.

When you say that you are checking focus, how are you doing that? You can’t just set it to infinity as mentioned by @vbnhu. Turn on ‘focus assist’ in the settings as this will give you a magnified section in the viewfinder when focusing. Focus the camera manually by looking through the viewfinder. Definitely use manual focus and then put a bit of tape on the focus ring to make sure it doesn’t get bumped.

before every flight after setting camera to plane i check the focus manual and tape it. I m sure that heres problem, not with camera or mechanical problem with cam, heres prblm with something else(i setted up new cam and problem goes on), i couldnt understand when we do trigger cam on ground its ok(focus ok, quality of photo ok), but when starts missions photoes, something goes wrong(( i m very sad and exhausted by this situation), and we get bad focused photoes. Please help me) what kind of factors or conditions in plane can affect to bad focus. I suspect that when motor starts operate something goes wrong, or in mission when camera starts to do photoes something happens. But i m sure that cam works right. Maybe Something with mission planner? Thx u all for responding and help. Heres some conditions forced me to write here, bcause i already gave up((

what shutter and aperture settings, what lens and flight height/speed you are using?

Thx everyone! Problem was with battery of cam. We supply power to battery from plane, there was some electronic problems, and always showed low battery charge, for that reason focus went wrong.

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would you mind sharing your camera model and settings? One thing I have noticed is we have spent a lot of time optimizing the platform for the camera then forgot about optimizing the camera settings for the type of data we are collecting. I recently got a sony RX1Rii and wow its made quite the difference in building SfM but still have some issues with camera settings. Have used pretty much only sony form A6000, QX10, QX1 and now the RX1Rii. Most of the time we use a fixed 16mm lens. focus to infinity then back it off a bit and make sure and apply some tape to keep it there, and we are shooting in aperture priority mode. iso of around 400-100 depending on the conditions.

We used a6000 with sel20f28 but recently we started to move to a7 + Zeiss Ventum (fitting it to a fixed wing aircraft is quite a pain). The difference between the two is shocking (both in image quality and price :wink: ) A review can be seen here:

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