Calling a function in raspberry PI over long distance (400~ meter)

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to build a autonomous drone with raspberry pi but I couldn’t find a solution to one thing.

The drone will complete several different autonomous operations. But I must able to select a operation to run from a ground station. I will develop my own ground station but I’m still not sure how can I connect to raspberry pi from long distance.

I want to call the python functions inside of the raspberry pi from my laptop. So my main goal is reaching to the console of the raspberry pi from my laptop.

I thought maybe I can use LoRa but it seems too complicated for me to handle. I can not use the 3G connection because I don’t have the right equipments. Is there is a method you can think of to complete this operation? Maybe I could use the telemetry of the pixhawk?

MavLink has support for user messages if you put your RPi on the same MavLink network (just connect it to another serial port configured to be MavLink protocol on the FC) and you should be able to receive these messages on RPi.

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