Calibration of pix compass

Pix flight control calibration external compass. X, y, Z three values x350, y-114, z1041, Z values are too large. Then try to calibrate the built-in compass and external compass together, Z axis is still around 1000. Try to calibrate the built-in compass, the result is the same. The above methods have been tried in three different places, my home, the unit and the small square, and the z-axis is about 1000. When I tested, I used the tablet computer USB power supply, not the lithium battery power supply, so there was no electromagnetic influence from the power distribution board, power regulation, power line, picture transmission and other high-power equipment. It’s OK to calibrate the compass with another pix at the same place in my home. Tried to reset the default data, no use. No attempt has been made to repaint the firmware. Can you help us to analyze the reason?