Cache or load saved map

I’m going to an area where I won’t have a way to connect to the internet to get map data. Is there a way to cache map data of the area before I go there, or is it possible to load a saved map of the area?

Sure. I can explain how I am doing this.
First I use Mission Planner on PC to grab the maps I am interested: TAB Flight Plan / Map Tool (right click) / Prefetch.
Once you select area and zoom, maps will be downloaded on your computer on this location (Mission Planner\gmapcache). Before extracting the new maps, I do clean (backup) the existing old maps, because I don’t want to put on Droidplanner all old maps. Once new maps are extracted on PC, I copy that folder content (under gmapcache) and then transfer to my tablet (Nexus 7 connected to my PC by USB).
On Droidplaner you need to activate using offline maps (Settings\Advanced\Use offline maps - checkbox)
The folder containing maps from PC is copied on: Nexus 7\Internal storage\DroidPlanner\Maps
Then disconnect tablet from computer, disable WIFI and open Droidplanner on the location where maps should be. You should see maps offline. (I said to disable WIFI to be sure maps displayed are offline maps). Then enable again WIFI.

I guess you could download Google earth maps (using Google Earth Pro or otherwise) and do the same? What about other maps, like Garmin compatible maps? Also why do you need to turn wifi back on?

I think there are ways to trick apps with a fake feed when they require reception but should work without.

Open google maps app on ur tablet and go to the area that ur flying and type in the search bar “ok maps”. Google maps then cache’s that area. Disconnect wifi and double check that it shows up in DP.

[quote=“criro1999”]Nexus 7\Internal storage\DroidPlanner\Maps

In the app can you specify which folder to take maps from? For example if you would like the use the same maps for several apps (eg andropilot).

Anybody tried using other maps as well, for example digital elevation data … s_org3.htm

The problem I have is I have wifi on to use wifi to connect to my RFD900 telemetry which works great to eliminate the need for the dangling OTG cable. But because the tablet sees it’s connected to wifi it won’t use the offline maps. At least that’s what I think is happening. I don’t know how to tell the tablet to use offline maps even if it’s connected to wifi. Any ideas??

Does the “ok maps” thing really work? Why would DroidPlanner pick up cachied maps from Google maps? Should it not be copied somewhere first?

The OK maps thing is a known way to prefetch google maps for their programs but I don’t know what it has to do with droidplanner. APMPlanner2 seems to have an undocumented mapripper but it creates a qmdb file which noone knows what to do with.

This one has me stumped.


I don’t have a Maps folder on my Nexus 7 where the previous poster claims it should be. There is no folder named Maps. I can create a new folder but I can’t seem to name it Maps – its name remains New Folder even after I try to change it. I am in the right part of the Nexus 7 file system: Nexus 7\Internal storage\DroidPlanner and there are 3 other folders there: LogCat, Logs and Sent but no folder called Maps.

Any tips appreciated!


Hello cairo1999: can you please help here as I am unable to locate Mission Planner\gmapcache ?. I have posted my original question in below thread. Thanks for your time and will appreciate your help.